About Dragon’s Fury

Dragon’s Fury Race starts in Metshina, an altitude of 1410m (4625 ft). From Metshina, the distance to Dochula at 3150 m (10,330 ft) is 38.3 kms and the race is all uphill with an average slope of 5% and a few short sections of up to 10%. You will pass Thinleygang (11 kms), Lumitsawa (15 kms), Lampiri (28 kms) and a memorial chorten for traffic accident victims (32 kms). Thinleygang is the only place recognizable as a village, having a couple of shops and a BHU (Basic Health Unit). Racing 1700 m (5575 ft) uphill is as breathtaking as the views.

After Dochula, it all downhill to Thimphu at 2330 m (7640 ft) with a small climb only at the end to the Thimphu city square.

Start Point Elevation in m (ft) End Point Elevation in m (ft) Highest Point in m (ft) Distance in kilometer
Messina 1200 (3940) Thimphu 2330 


Dochula – 

3150 (10330)



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