How wonderful are the bikes.

How wonderful are the bikes?

They are an easy tool to use to get to places, they can be pretty cheap, and very easy to learn, at any age! There are many useful things that come with starting to learn to bicycle, and today we are gonna explain how extremely efficient they can be!
One thing that people usually don’t know is that biking around helps your mental health, and as well as your physical power, of course. Without even noticing, you’re working on your leg muscles, while you can enjoy the breeze greeting you. As I mentioned, the bikes might help you a little when your mental health isn’t the best, and here’s why: Even casual biking can help your anxiety because it pumps the blood around your body, and thus allowing to spread of endorphins and also dopamine, and even more, which promotes positive mental health! So if you’re struggling with anxiety, consider starting to ride some bikes!

It helps you lose weight!

Yes, you heard that right! Your weight reduces even if you just bike 30 minutes a day! It’s also amazing for building muscle power, click now if you want to find more info on bikes!
So as I mentioned, not only do you become stronger and healthier, slim your legs too! you also lose weight, which can be very helpful because riding bikes isn’t a very intense sport, and with good meals, you can easily become a healthier and stronger person! Not only that, but it also can protect you from horrible things such as; heart attacks, some cancer, diabetes, and more. 

One of my personal favourite things about cycling is that bikes are environmentally friendly! It’s so easy to learn, and also, you’re not damaging the environment whatsoever! It’s such a healthier replacement to other transports, especially at times like this, when buses can be dangerous to ride, with many people stuck together and no open windows. On your bikes, you are always in the open air, which prevents you from getting the virus.  
Cycling can also stabilize your body, you will become a person with a better posture, and you will improve your balance and coordination! Your balance actually changes with age, therefore biking can help you protect that!
The fight against depression is a struggle a lot of us, unfortunately, need to face, not all, but if you’ve been diagnosed with depression, as hard as it may be consider starting to bicycle! It’s been proven that there are 19 percentage chances you will prevent depression if you exercise a few times a week!

Boost our self-esteem!

Many people feel better after exercising, not only the activity itself, but it also helps you after, the feeling of achieving our goals, and becoming better, is something that biking can make you feel.
The benefits of cycling can also be social. A Lot of people don’t know but if there’s an environment with a lot of people who use bikes, that environment becomes safer, there are more people on the street, so the area is secure! It’s a great way to help the community, and hey! You could convince your close friends to go riding around town, it could be a fun way to see your place from a different perspective. Another thing is that you are making so much free space for cars to park! It’s an amazing way to help your community.
biking can be a whole sport, so you should, when you feel is right, find a team or even just find people around your area, who are also interested in the activity of cycling together, and go trips to new exciting places! It can also create amazing stories, new friends and bonds, and you all exercise, and calm down, which can do wonders for your mental health and physical health! 

So we learned so much about how bikes are such a wonderful transport item. If I caught your attention, you should definitely read more about risks, and be aware of not dangling yourself as a beginner, and start easy! 30 minutes, an hour, and you’ll see how it affects you and your life, maybe even your social life. Don’t forget to find areas that are safe for biking, and find the right tools and right bike for your own, it might be a great way for transportation, or just a physical activity, but in both cases, you got to stay safe and be aware, so you don’t hurt yourself.  so search, learn, and start cycling!


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