2010 Race Results

The inaugural race in 2010 was in fact held as almost a test run to see whether such a feat could be accomplished. Led by the founder — His Royal Highness Jigyel U. Wangchuck — there were a total of 23 participants, of which one was a woman. From among them, only nine completed the race. The winner was Ugyen Yoesar, who finished in a time of 13 hours 9 min. There was no time limit imposed.

The youngest of the participants was Dasho Jigyel U. Wangchuck himself while the oldest was Lyonpo Tshering Tobgay, 44 years old.

The race began at 2 AM in the morning from Chamkhar town and was flagged off by the Bumthang Dzongda. So after brief fluorescent lighting, the participants rode in the dark — save for the bobbing headlamps of the riders and a few car headlights — till the pass of Yotongla (3434), where twilight could be dimly made out. By daybreak and breakfast at Dorji Goemba in the district of Trongsa, the two passes of Kikila and Yotongla had been crossed. From there it was all descent to the district center of Trongsa, where most of the participants went flying into with the first rays of the sun.

And it was here that one of them was actually airborne for short a time. Approaching Trongsa, Lyonpo Tshering Tobgay was on dead run when a speed bump threw him off the bike while he was looking to make sure that none of the first signs of life were planning to cross the road. Not realizing that he had shattered his jaw in the fall, Lyonpo remounted his steed in a hurry as he had lost time while being stitched and bandaged by the accompanying medical team. Lyonpo went on to complete the race.

By mid morning, Lyonpo reached the third pass of the race — Pele la. By then the leaders were more than an hour ahead. At the head of the pack, Ugyen Yoesar, HRH Dasho Jigyel, and Rinzin Norbu were close together. But by the time they reached Pele la, a quarter of an hour gap had arisen between Uygen Yoesar and HRH, who was with Rinzin Norbu. By the end of the race, there was about a two-hour gap between the winner Ugyen Yoesar and the second place Rinzin Norbu. In the spirit of true sportsmanship, HRH waited for Rinzin Norbu to pass him at the finish line as they had been together most of the way. His Royal Highness came in third by choice.

Dasho Dzongda of Thimphu, who received all of the participants at Thimphu’s Clock Tower, also officially endorsed the completion times noted here:

Rank Participant Name Time Taken Time of Arrival in Thimphu
1 Ugyen Yoesar 13hrs 39min 15:09
2 HRH Dasho Jigyel U. Wangchuck 15hrs 02min 17:02
3 Rinzin Norbu 15hrs 02min 17:02
4 Tsewang Phuntsho 16hrs 30min 18:30
5 Sonam Tshering 16hrs 31min 18:31
6 Jigme Thinley 16hrs 32min 18:32
7 Tshering Dorji 16hrs 32min 18:32
8 Lyonpo Tshering Tobgay 16hrs 35min 18:35
9 Lodey Dorji 16hrs 37 min 18:37
10 Tashi Tangbi
11 Sangay Phuntsho
12 Tandin Chogyal
13 Sangay ( VAST )
14 Tsering Dorji (TD Workshop )
15 Singye Wangchuk
16 Kinley Dorji (Gabu)
17 Uttam
18 Kesang Tshering
19 Dawala
20 Yangki
21 Karma Tenzin
22 Kinzang Tobgay
23 Karma Tshering
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